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Other Neurological and Neurodegenerative Disorders with Cognitive and Behavioural Expression

Huntington’s Disease is one of a group of six conditions that together make up what are referred to by the European Reference Network as Rare Neurological Diseases. Not all of these disorders are associated with significant cognitive and behavioural decline but a number are. Similar to Huntington’s Disease, where such cognitive or behavioural decline is present, the symptoms present relatively early in life, before age-related dementia normally occurs, may be more rapidly progressive and are associated with very considerable disability for both patient and family members.

Our care sets us apart

As with Huntington’s Disease, there is very little long-term or rehabilitative care provision in place for these conditions in Ireland. Bloomfield Hospital has a unique offering in specialising in the provision of care for those with this group of conditions. Following recent discussion with the National Lead for Early Dementia and the Neurology Department of Tallaght University Hospital — which is the Irish representative hospital in the European Reference Network – Rare Neurological Diseases — a tentative agreement has been established to develop close functional linkage between our departments. As the National Lead is also developing a nationwide service structure for the assessment and management of these conditions, Bloomfield Hospital will participate within this network and has the opportunity to become a lead partner in service delivery and development.