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Quality & Compliance

At Bloomfield Hospital, we’re devoted to providing our patients and their families with services and care of the highest calibre. We do this by cultivating a culture of continuous quality improvement as well as education on best practices and regulatory compliance.

Quality & Risk Management 

As one of the core values of Bloomfield Hospital, quality is an integral part of daily life for our teams. It’s paramount that we deliver to our patients the highest quality of treatment and care in line with the latest best practices. Continuous quality improvement is woven throughout our processes and procedures, ensuring that our patients benefit from the latest advances and developments.

Quality comes in all shapes and sizes at Bloomfield Hospital, stretching from individual clinical care planning for each patient to state-of-the-art facilities. It also includes extensive recreational activity timetables and high-quality support services such as catering and cleaning, all of which contribute to an overall sense of well-being in the hospital community.

Our Quality, Risk and Compliance Department ensures our monitoring and improvement procedures are implemented and tracked effectively.

A robust electronic audit schedule, document control system, adverse occurrence reporting system, risk register, and quality improvement monitoring system (QPulse) is in place, which enables efficient and effective quality management.


An Approved Centre is a service registered by the Mental Health Commission (MHC) to provide inpatient treatment to people suffering from mental illness. The MHC maintains a register of all approved centres (MHC 2023), which is used to ensure the highest standards of care are maintained.

As an Approved Centre, Bloomfield Hospital must comply with regulatory guidance from the MHC. This compliance is monitored via an on-site inspection process which is usually unannounced.

As a result, MHC compliance is a permanent agenda item for Bloomfield Hospital’s Senior Management Team to safeguard our exceptionally high standards of care and professional performance.


At Bloomfield Hospital, we take great care to ensure that the patient experience we provide is a positive one.

Feedback, both positive and negative, is always welcome and is viewed as an essential tool to further enhance the patient experience. We genuinely value what you have to say and believe that proactive and effective management of feedback enables us to address any concerns or issues in a timely and constructive way.

All positive and negative feedback can be sent to feedback@bloomfield.ie or posted to:

Quality, Risk & Compliance Department

Bloomfield Hospital
Stocking Lane


Dublin 16
D16 C6T4


*Please note, this email and postal address is not for the 

purposes of referrals, emergencies or general enquiries.